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Buddhist New Year Festival

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The Buddhist and Hindu new year Festival in Sri Lanka takes place in April. The Sri Lanka specialist Olaf Diroll offers the traditional new year Festival of the Buddhists and Hindus to experience and get to know during a Sri Lanka adventure travel. More info: movie actress. Guests stay in the private guesthouse “Ganga Villa” directly on the River in Weligama, surrounded by Palm trees and the simple houses of the locals. So are available upon arrival from compositions 2009 2 double room in the Guest House for Vfg and allow visitors to participate in the events and activities at the place where the actual traditional new year Festival of the Buddhists and Hindus “Aluth Avurudu” starts in the night of the 13 on the international. It marked the exchange of fish and Aries zodiac sign, as well as the end of the harvest season.

So visitors to the tropical island of Sri Lanka can experience entertainment and also delicious tastings during their holidays at the seaside or at the end of a tour, Sri Lankan music. The cultural festival is traversed by rituals, which are tailored exactly to astrological calculations. Show children Their attention and give to their parents, such as betel nuts to demonstrate also gratitude for the care and spiritual guidance, while the family of the House and garden clean and light the oil lamp. The women play on drums, to proclaim the dawn of the new year to all residents. It held numerous street festivals and traditional dishes such as Kaung (small oil cake) and Kokis (sugar bread) are offered. The guest house “Ganga Villa” opened in late March at the South of the island, in the fishing village of Weligama. This region has still preserved its authenticity, offers but a beautiful long Bay and small restaurants on the beach of Mirissa, to enjoy an individual holiday away from the tourist crowds.

Breakfast is on the main balcony (Pergola) front of the rooms. Up in the morning, open the door and the breakfasts are available, relax and awaken with the first rays of the Sun that appear across the river and the morning river fishing home send. As in the cinema birds and small Auslegerbotte to the land pass, Goannas (lizards) come to the shore. So, a seaside holiday in Sri Lanka can offer also an interesting insight into the life of the locals. Living in a modern, Western standard equipped guest house on top of that, together with the head of the Villa “Ranga” on the market to buy fish and vegetables and to meet comfortably in the garden on the river for grilling. The quiet murmur of prayer of the monks of the monastery on the other Riverside certainly gives a unique and unforgettable atmosphere among new friends the evening. Asia expert Olaf Diroll visited this island since 1975 and can offer with the guesthouse and small hotel certainly a good alternative to a standard holiday in the Spa Hotel interested visitors. By the way, are also bicycles, scooters for own inquiries to borrow available. Individual tours in Sri Lanka combined with a swimming and diving holidays in the Maldives is also offered and details of your own Homepage for Asia travel represented. Her Olaf Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 website: contact: email

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