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Christmas Time For Family

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Christmas, a time of love and peace in the world, thousands of carols speak of this, but how different is when a home no financial means to make this event something special. yes perhaps need the money? … and No is true that the most important thing is to be with our loved ones and share with your family? … And why it has become so important money this holiday season? … sometimes the lack of money leads discussions that alter the whole family, making the celebration a funeral ?…. It is true that everything costs money and often it is not. And it is also true that the phrase The important thing is to be filled never fully meet our expectations and fewer still have children in this regard. Unfortunately we are bombarded daily with a horrible and almost consumerism we are forced to act as we say, buying many things, borrowing to meet the business needs and acquiring objects of great economic value with the intention of feeling, for some moment, happy.

Happiness little hard, as soon as we begin to pay for it and disappears instantly, leaving us to change a tremendous guilt. My invitation is, quite simply, to find the magic of the holidays without incurring the cost that we can not assume. Let us fill our home details and traditions that are filling our souls of true happiness, do not allow us consumerism snatch the magic that lives within us. Many must think that it is impossible or Utopian, but I’m going to give them a couple of ideas that can make this event something special: Made with Christmas ornaments kids, using elements we have at home or we can get low-cost we decorate our home with the family, let us permission to do crazy things and take every idea seriously suggesting children. Let’s see how we in the cupboard and think of different menus for Christmas Eve, however simple it may be, invent the way it is different, it can be a plate of rice with fried eggs, but rice can serve as Christmas tree and decorate it with some vegetables simulating a real, for example, that children choose and participate in the food preparation and decoration of the table. Make up a family tradition, something that is a kind of secret between you each year. As for gifts, can be made between you too, or achieved at low cost, they are beautiful packaging, with some meaning for everyone, children to try to have some surprises, be creative, resourceful, for even the most humble gift may be the best in the world, especially if children are concerned, for example, a personal experience, the first Christmas my daughter brought him many gifts, including a giant teddy bear, a tricycle, colorful, various toys and clothing, within these, a bathing suit, which came in the hook, well, my daughter played all week long, happy, regardless of anything else, with the coat hanger. In short, do not worry if there is no economic means to do whatever they wanted for the holidays, children will enjoy more if they seem happy and share in the celebration and its preparation, avoid arguments and make the magic flow from interiors and flood your home with her. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous new year. Gabriela Your Guide for Parents.

Written by Minna

September 18th, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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