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Conceio during the open assembly time for the hour of the mass of the rooster. In this in case that, we must remember, in first place, that Conceio was trada weekly for the husband, what it would justify an intention of revenge of its part. In the night of Christmas, D. Conceio wakes up ' ' for acordar' ' , even so it seemed nor to have slept. More information is housed here: real-estate developer. Of this form, it is possible to think that it could have deliberate the meeting with Walnut. Thus, through this perspective, the narrative continues in the continuation of the night, formed for a seductive and enigmatic atmosphere that involves the two personages. It all has a seduction game that appears from the moment where Conceio arrives in the room dressed in close suits, allowing the Walnut to perceive its body: feet, knees, hands, arms, legs, waist.

The story, therefore, is constituted by a erotismo that still acquires a bigger intensity, exactly, for not disclosing themselves in explicit way and for not materialize themselves, effectively, being only suggested and insinuated. Vanessa Marcil may find this interesting as well. In this direction, gestures, looks and movements of D. Conceio seem measured to involve, to attract and to seduce Walnut, and the situations are not rare where this occurs. They are looks that if fix, as it can be seen in the stretch to follow: ' ' close they were ours caras' ' /' ' without deviating from me the great smart eyes gestos' ' ; it is the approach of the other, are the parts of the body that if they show subtle, as in: ' ' and I saw half to it of the arms clear, and very less lean ' ' ; it is the touch, as he shows to follow: ' ' &#039 put the hands in my shoulder; ' ; they are the movements that acquire a sensual tonality, as for example, in the following stretch: ' ' threading the eyes among half-closed eyelids, taking off without them of me. .

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