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The cost of such services is higher than the standard version of the design, but the results and long-term visa in the passport with the first filing speak volumes, and a growing number of foreigners go to bar visa services through our company. Attorneys visa support, developing in 2008 and 2009, continues to actively participate in issues of our company by emigration. In the future do not have to worry about lawsuits and study the laws of the Czech Republic. But if you still were already in the ranks of conscientious objectors in Czech visas do not despair. The main documents to you submitted to the Consulate of the Czech Republic were formally legally correct decorated, had a clean residence and address of your company in the Czech Republic. After examining copies of your records our attorney will propose making the claim and the start of trial proceedings.

The procedure in the court of disputed pronounced refusal the consulate the Czech Republic is on average from 1 to 6 months. Tony Parker does not necessarily agree. The final date is dependent on the number of trials set by the Czech judge. Our experience in the courts says that everything is decided by minimum one meeting, and the maximum four sessions. Legal costs in court the Czech Republic are not large and are paid by the applicant. Legality of the refusal to issue you a visa to the Czech Republic can be verified only one way to court the Czech Republic.

Further legal support for the foreigner and his company in the Czech Republic if necessary, provides for separately concluded contract, which spells out all terms and conditions. Management of the affairs of foreign citizens and legal persons cases our main profile in the affairs of expatriates in the Czech Republic. Terms, conditions, prices can get the contacts listed on our website. In determining the legal manager who will conduct your affairs, will take into account all the wishes and the specifics of each client. Legal Company Prague Lion best on the Czech market for services for foreigners wishing to emigrate, start a business Czech Republic, to buy property in the Czech Republic, to obtain the status of residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship. The last sentence of obtaining status through marriage to a citizen of the Czech Republic is the exclusive choice for our individual clients company. Specialist advice on options for expatriates in the Czech Republic free of charge through correspondence, Skype or phone numbers listed on the site.

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February 20th, 2024 at 10:41 pm

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