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Don Giovanni Span

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Who may be associated with various amorous adventures? Of course Casanova! Famed Venetian adventurer – Casanova, was a brilliant storyteller. This name has become a household name already, it has long been aligned with those literary characters like Don Giovanni or all of the famous “contemporaries” Casanova Lovelace and Foblaz. Over time, all the stories Casanova erupts from the records in his memoirs. Note that the memoirs of Casanova, in the spirit ideology libertinazha not bypass the sexual side of his adventures. They tried to Casanova in all colors displayed his stormy life that was full of numerous amorous adventures and adventurous.

One of the most vivid and lively book, written in a gallant XVIII century can be called ‘Memoirs’ of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova. Casanova, like the Count Saint-Germain and Cagliostro, belonged to the tribe of restless adventurers. (As opposed to actress). He had a versatile knowledge and talents, wrote novels and denunciations, traveled a lot, changing classes like a glove. However, in the story, he went first of all as the great seducer. In his “Memoirs” Venetian claims that his life had a few hundred women and, of course, not all of them mentioned in his memoirs.

Researcher life Casanova Spaniard Cruz Huancho a figure of 132, where a year on average, three love communication. On the social status among them were 15 representatives of the royal courts of Europe, 18 aristocratic, 24 maids, 11 prostitutes, seven aktrisok, 6 dancers, four courtesans, three nuns and three canary, and even a slave (by the way, the Russian fortification). Love was one of the highest meaning of the existence of Casanova, and she did it great. But his novels do not end with a wedding, rewarding virtue and vice of dethronement. Natural sense of freedom and infinite in itself to justify it. “I loved women to madness, but always preferred them to freedom.” He slept with aristocrats and innocent girls, prostitutes, with the nuns, with her niece, perhaps even with his daughter … But for all his life, it seems, no lover of anything he was not rebuked, for physical intimacy was not for him only a prosaic way of leisure complete sensualist, an egotist.

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