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Alicante, 22 of October 2010-the thousand and one nights teteria introduces a new form of entertainment, always consistent with his philosophy, characterized by tranquility, relaxation and harmony. From now on, all Thursday attendees can enjoy a night of humor and fun, from the hand of different artists, primarily comedians and storytelling. Since the thousand and one nights teteria opened its doors in the year 2007 in Petrer, in the province of Alicante, are many innovations that have been introduced. From different types of teas, sorbets, etc., until the idea of franchising your business, which recently their owners were announced. Today come to us with a first in its premises: the Cafe-Teatro. Every Thursday, from ten in the evening, it takes place in the thousand and one nights, a time of intense show, which are off until the local machines, so that the silence in the room allow the public and the artist to concentrate on what is really important, the show. Have a good time in the company of the yours, and enjoying a nice function, is seeking the owners of the tea shop with this initiative. At the end this translates into a wonderful atmosphere to spend an unforgettable time, explains Teresa, owner of the premises.

And continues: we believe in the mouth of these actions, because if you pass it well, laugh, cry or make you think, sure you mention it the next day with your friends..

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