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Eradicating Failure

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What we can say of the expression Yes to the failures? Aspects or prisms enter consideration different from which the situation can be analyzed. She is the person and her attitude, the act and its result. In first we would speak of a failed person, in second we would talk about a failure. However, I want to put the attention to this last one, a failure, for example, the failure of the project Perhaps the project is alive like only failing? No, to fail it is question of the people and it is the result of acting of the person. For this reason, we cannot separate an ill-fated act of the subject.

It does not exist, the failure of the work, but the failure of the person in carrying out it and correctly agreed to the demanded minimum of quality. This one is the difference to express correctly a person fails in realising a project, instead of, a person realises a project that fails it turns a failure to one into failing? On the one hand, we could think that a person who fails – as we said in the correct expression is a failed person. In order to give a right and suitable answer we must consider amplitude with we valued which it. If we judged from that event, or we valued from the person. In case in that we only consider the project; the result would be that we are before a person failed with respect to that precise fact. However, if we watched from the person, then we will have to value if that attitude is reiterative in the rest of its works or acts. For it, it would be needed to have certainty of many suspended projects. We speak of amount of times. But even so, not being as, I raise another question.

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October 6th, 2012 at 6:36 pm

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