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European Social State

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The maintenance of the social state in the old Europe is unsustainable. With Portugal in state of siege, the debate on the subject, at fantochada time of electoral is little serious. It wants me to seem, that the Portuguese are very not interested in the politician-ideological questions of order, but yes, in the repercussions that if go to make to feel in its lives, nominated, the increases of taxes, cuts in the benefits you beat, reduction of the social installments and the increase of the unemployment. To keep a sustainable social state a good organization of the State is necessary and to make use of a economy of good health. Portugal does not have nor a thing, nor another one. Successive the elect ones had not known to take care of of the organization of the State, nor of the health of the economy, many had only used to advantage e, still teimam in shielding themselves in the international crisis, wake up, are envergonhem and arrepiem way. Four strong trends exist, that push the social state for the extinguishing. Our country is champion in the aging inside of the Europe.

Briefly, 30 percent of the Portuguese population will have 65 years more than. It is asked, who goes to pay to the pensions and the health of these people? I do not make the minimum idea. The crnico unemployment, one of the social greaters chagas of our times, consists as one of great the responsible ones of the avultados expenses of the State. Spain already enters 22% of unemployment and Portugal is come close to 12%. The weight of the public officers is gigantic, in Portugal, only the central administration account with 600 a thousand.

In many 25 European countries percent of the work force belongs to the public sector. Finally, as the social contract is not written, it has allowed to an exchange of favors between the governing elites and voters, whom weak politics gave to origin to a classroom, specialized in bribing voters, with dinheirinho loaned. We go to enter again, at a time of electoral promises, of hunting to the vote, that already if had become habitual and that nobody questions, but of this done one, I find that we would have to question in them all, without exceptions.

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November 7th, 2018 at 10:48 pm

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