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Feeling Me – Sung Poetry 20.09.09

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FEELING ME 20.09.09 I am rigid I eat a rock, I have led as wind, soft as to the water. I am in some places at the same time, therefore to where to blow the wind and to exist silence as well as the rocks you in me will step on and know, that the water that you to drink see have it, therefore it is a great linking, it does not question YES or NOT. You know the reason? He answers if he will be able, he cries if to want, sings a song, skirt of the arrest this your affliction does not make well to the heart 2X We can be different, therefore we are people and what you want more, that leave I you capais that never does not finish, therefore joined we will only follow a way, to love and to be loved is more difficult than imaginable, I not wise person who was thus, that I existed the end but still I am here, my dreams will not have end therefore has what it will have our union, linking, had won the problems believes in this sentence. – Dear Brothers I forgive my acts, always I am missed, but I want to correct that vocs believes in me, in my dreams of conquest in my life. Weverton Notrevew

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November 4th, 2014 at 11:20 am

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