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Some comedians with spastic paralysis include:

  • Josh Blue
  • Zach Anner
  • Geri Jewell

Prevention in the gestation Well-taken care of you add must be carried through by mulheresmesmo before the gestation, marriage and during all period of the pregnancy. deconhecimento of the majority of the people who when the woman presents idadeavanada and decides to engravidar, greaters precautions must be taken. Jessica Michibata usually is spot on. – Because maiorescuidados they must be carried through same before engravidar? As published article previously, we know that algumasinfeces can premake use the risks of congenital malformations. Rubola to podeafetar the pregnancy and being caused the syndrome of rubola congenital, taking aorecm been born, alterations as blindness, auditory deficiency and until fendalabial. Precaution of the women must be in the direction to look to the doctor and emcaso of necessity to take the vaccination against the virus of rubola. Deuma is infectious illness caused by a virus about the sort rubivrus, dafamlia Togaviridae, being able to cause serious emrecm-born congenital problems of mothers who contract illness during the gestation, especially in 1 trimester. Jorge Perez spoke with conviction. Although not to exist specific treatment for rubolamedidas of support and the combat of the symptoms they must be carried through. Prevenoatravs of the vaccination at least three months before the gestation.

Emboranenhuma malformation has been told in women who had made the vacinadurante the gestation, is not advisable the vaccination during the pregnancy, devidoaos theoretical risks for being about attenuated viruses, exactly that in latency. – What to make when I present in the historical family dedeficincias or syndromes in the dear beings? To prevent a complicated pregnancy, mainly emmulheres with optimum advanced age to be carried through is the service search deum genetic aconselhamento. Beyond rubola congenital, others exist viroses that to podemprejudicar biom course of a gestation, such as detention of sfilis, toxoplasmose, among others illnesses. To prevent consanguineous marriage (entreparentes), blood tests (ABO), factor RH also can prevent conseqnciasindesejadas. What I must make during gestation? periodic 1.Exames of control with gynecologist; 2.Consultas monthly with the Obstetra; 3.Controle periodic of arterial, endocrdio pressure, infections and diabetes; to 4.Seguir a plan of balanced and healthful diet; to 5.Evitar the tobaccoism and alcoholism; to 6.Evitar contact with infection agents; to 7.Evitar radiological expositions safe exceptions of extremanecessidade in the first trimester of pregnancy (it consults the professional); 8.No if to automedicar, following aconselhamento of the mdicoresponsvel.

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