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This is not my child, but I am against any new acquisition of the girl. A piercing in the navel, nose, the ear lobe. Or so the hair is painted purple. Even if you use dental floss as a glue less. Not concerned that the above view of eternal mourning because he chose to be Dark and even paint nails jet black, like Morticia Adams. Never stick you happen to step in, I was your age. Because inevitably will be treated in old retrograde.

Lady of the Camellias or daughter of Methuselah. Remember that as you see this strange which happens is his daughter and who raised you. Herself, she examines you. All God’s holy days. And He says to himself: Is it my mother? You’ll feel great for their rights and small and innocent and helpless creature of God for their obligations. Note that some days you can wield a jao, all welcome. A grunt and in the days that adolescence was not vitiated as a normal hello. He should learn to scan the horizon of their moods.

In his silence beware of sound. O profane or hang your favorite meditation and thereby blaspheme red to let a truck driver will be developed your sense of smell. And she in the deployment of hormones looking runway will feel a skunk. Thus considered a good budget for all that is perfume and start buying wholesale shampoo, creams several, deodorants, powders, soaps of all kinds and fragrance and incense and do not be alarmed if you see incense turned on for the most unusual places of the house. Even in the trough of the cat, which she will smell the most expensive shampoo. And above all remember that the new definition of the World Health Organization was a teenager until after the age of majority. So you have plenty of time to write a manual on how to treat a teenager without dying in the attempt and everything you answer. He wanted to know on your child’s adolescence and never dared to ask.

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November 23rd, 2014 at 3:49 pm

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