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Drowning the breeds of small dogs are very vulnerable to drowning in small pools or sources of the houses but also I’ve attended Mini dogs or puppies who suffered drowning when falling into a tub full of water in the bathroom or in the laundry room. If your Mini dog has suffered from something the first thing you will do similar is placed sideways on its left side and press firm mind by way of impulses abdomen to remove water, then when it recovers the breathing rub firmly with a towel so reanimaras it, I again recommend that these first aid shall only be applied while you carry your dog with the veterinarian since in these cases a bronco poorly attended aspiration could lead to subsequent ills. Burns is very common for many breeds of small dogs to accompany their owners while they cook and this even if it turns out to be something very pleasurable for both can, but adequate precautions are taken triggered in Burns by hot oil or water boiling. A person who moves in the kitchen with a container whose contents this very hot can tripping over your Mini dog and spilling the contents on this and cause burns and escaldamientos in your dog’s skin if this happens you will need to immediately apply cold running water in the burn and subsequently put a bag of ice in the site for a few minutes, then if the burn was slight put a ready and antiseptic ointment. But if burn removed hair or leave skin almost living flesh, after applying water and ice will need to take your dog to the veterinarian Hospital in your community. Download electric for any Mini dog or puppy a new cable a noisy electrical installation or mobile plugs used in festivals are powerful attractors and breeds of small dogs seem to be addicted to bite this kind of cables.

If your Mini dog bites a cable immediately ordered that you release it and disconnected or lifts the cable well if your dog has received a shock so do not touch if you already have the cable on the snout first disconnect the cable or the power switch. This places your dog on your right side put water over the burn if your dog does not greater problem only samples look at it a few minutes and let it rest. But if after downloading your gums are pale or blue is indicative that it in shock and you will have to take it of emergency veterinary hospital. For the moment let up here this theme of first aid in small dog breeds and already in the next I show what to do if you have been poisoned your Mini dog, I hope in the next article.

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October 26th, 2013 at 6:36 pm

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