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International Flamenco Festival

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This year between the 25.ten February 12.ten March there is a word that describes the passion, boldness and the energy of the Spanish culture. This word is Flamenco”. Due to the fusion of music, dance and voice, wild romance of the Gypsy and an expression of determination are combined in flamenco. For flamenco lovers is the home of flamenco Andalusia and Jerez de la Frontera is the beating heart. If you want to look more closely at the heart of flamenco, the International is exactly Flamenco Festival in this spring the right thing. This flamenco event takes place in Jerez for 15 years. You find yourself between the Andalusian mountains and the Atlantic Ocean in Cadiz. During the centuries of Moorish Jerez was to the home of large Gypsy and Jewish communities.

Also Flemish immigrants from the Dutch Spain found a place here. But the town is known not only for their music and dance tradition, but also for the special horse breeding of the Andalusian horses and their famous sherry. This year the International Festival will be flamenco held at various locations within the city, between the 25.ten February and the March, 12.ten. On the opening night of the festival starts the theater Villamarta with a sophisticated, combative performance by Antonio el pipa. “He is the dance of the Gypsies, the Danzacali danzar de los gitanos” list.

Surely his loyal fan community will be found, because he is a boy from the Santiago district close to Jerez. Just a reason to spend holiday Jerez. Another highlight will be also the grace and the drama of Isabel Bayon, who plays the 4.ten March, in the Thater Villamart on Friday. It is a long time favorite, before viewers in Jerez with dances, choreography and performances of flamenco has tied up. Dance in this festival year is you as a solo artist to the piece en la horma de sus zapatos”. On the last day of the Festival, the 12.ten March 2011, you can witness a multi-faceted presence in the theater Villamarta group of Eva Yerbabuena Ballet Flamenco will be. This ballet company. which has already existed for 13 years, will give you a great finals under the direction of Eva Yerbabuena herself ready. But don’t forget that you can participate in addition to the great music and dances even workshops. Because ultimately the passion for flamenco is greatest when you share them.

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February 27th, 2015 at 12:01 am

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