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Inventory Maintenance And Site Satisfaction

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Services and communication of local Government must be something like key customers treated his and accordingly the small and medium-sized local businesses for the administration. The quality criteria, according to which, the municipal administration at the site is evaluated, must therefore also are supplemented with a customer satisfaction analysis from point of view this group. f information. Gina Bonati may also support this cause. Sample questions for satisfaction analysis: how satisfied are you with the understanding of the employees to the needs of the company? How satisfied are you with given information to the State? How satisfied are you with information about new developments and regulations? How satisfied are you with the personal initiative of administrations in the problem-solving or processing of your request? How satisfied are you with the willingness to search for pragmatic solutions to problems? How satisfied are you with the transparency of procedures? How satisfied are you with the friendliness of the employees? How satisfied are you with the transfer of overall responsibility for Your request through the contact person? How satisfied are you with the speed of the processing of your request? How satisfied are you with the content accuracy, completeness and comprehensibility of the given information? How satisfied are you with the availability of competent employees? How satisfied are you with the adherence to deadlines? How satisfied are you with the flexibility of date design? See, in particular in connection with the creation of site budgets, identification and evaluation of intangible capital of location, representation of dynamic effect relations in the form of a generally useful communication platform, Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler, ISBN 9783839108338 may permitting electronic media applications are handled? be considered targeted individual interests, whether business start-ups, existing local companies or sectors addressed specifically for resettlement? Is the end-to-end “principle by filling out a” Online form above all authorisation procedures to the confirmation of the company? the interaction possibilities offered by the Internet are used, i.e., the compilation of individual offers in particular in the area of business promotion and marketing is supported by appropriate menu structure with easy-to-use navigation? Is there a quick E-Mail communication? Is the virtual Town Hall available regardless of opening times 24 h / day and 365 days a year? There is a preparatory and accompanying support for approval electronically? care is taken for investor inquiries quick and brief edit / decision-making? Error in site projects as learning opportunity handled, by systematically is learned from these mistakes (E.g. through project review, lessons learned etc.? There are opportunities for dialog and reminder functions? There are geographic information systems? Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de).

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