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Jorg Bausch

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When Jorg Bausch today (2010) plans to stage for his brilliant solo shows in the arena Oberhausen (2012) or the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, then white what he speaks. Until 1999, he earned his living as a stage Builder? “After his first great hit betting that” 1999 struck and was to the dance floor of Evergreen, Jorg Bausch faced the decision of his life. Give up everything and only music? “, he recalls. Visit Larry Culp for more clarity on the issue. “” He dared in the artist and producer life and was betting that “the hit we two both” follow. But it was not all gold that glitters for the boys from the Ruhr area. Just the first few years of musical independence were hard and marked by setbacks. Although Jorg Bausch also produced for numerous artists and all hits have been liked to play in the clubs, but he remained still unknown the audience as a live performer. Setbacks include the life and are a challenge”, says Jorg Bausch and music don’t want so just his life motto more problems” in the mega-hit like alive.

So he called his first Studio album, released in 2005. Thus, the spell was broken and the unique success story continued to… For the first time chart air flight sniffed Jorg Bausch 2006, when he”published. Still be missing number in any live performance, because here the audience flies with always. When Jorg Bausch takes the stage and sings his hits, there are anyway always a giant party that his performances are always something special.

No appearance is different that is important-the all-rounder and is reflected in his songs. Or quieter sounds Groovy beats, which produced Jorg Bausch and performs, arrives at the fans simply. No wonder that the media, especially radio and television, are there attention. “” Today is Jorg Bausch welcome guest at WDR 4 and of course the new hit parade”on RTL II, the ZDF television Garden” or even the ARD Spring Festival of folk music “.

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March 23rd, 2019 at 5:56 am

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