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Site promotion is an ongoing and continuous process. In order to promote a site, it is necessary that the site referred to by many outside sources. By external sources, we mean other sites that are already involved in system. External links to other sites lead to your site visitors, your customers, audience, and so on. When placing your banner on other sites, visitors have already read your ad and choose, it is worth it perhodit to your site or not worth it. Number of hits divided by the Number of banner clicks to your site on the banners, there is nothing else than as an indicator of CTR CTR. CTR indicator about the quality of your banner, to place your banner on the site, your banner may not attract attention, and so on. Your task is to place a banner on the most prominent place, and then track Number of hits to your site on the banners.

Further you need to fill your site grammotnoy information, check yuzablenost your site to your efforts to attract visitors were not in vain, the visitor stayed on your site, as long as possible. For This site should be located some interesting information that will keep visitors on your site. Now we turn to the articles. Your article is a kind of banners, which weighs in at a different site and attract attention visitors. The index of articles CTR higher than the banners, because articles convey much more information than can transmit banner to the visitor. As a result, talented designers are in demand when they can make enough privlekatellny banner, on which will target visitors to your website. But what about the articles? To write an article for any information, it requires a specialist who can tell something new that will interest the visitor, then your site becomes popular, and it expands on the number of visitors.

What does it mean for the site Number of visitors? For the site, any site Number of Visitors can compare with the store when the store is located in a public place and it always goes the flow of visitors, it helps increase revenue the store owner. Here everything is clear, so also on the site. When the stream of visitors, the site owner increases their income, regardless of the theme of the site and so on. In the financial environment, cash flow is called Kash Flo, have come up with a slang word for a stream of visitors to the site. It is also increasing and the cost of experts who write articles for the promotion of sites. If you have a certain kind of business, and you know all about your business, your articles will be valuable to a range of consumers. But If you preuspevete in its business, and you give all his time business, then you have no time for writing articles, there are several exits.

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April 25th, 2015 at 10:27 am

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