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This linguistic phenomenon is enriching and not embarrassing as Mr. Vidal to imply. I sincerely appreciate that we compare the languages Cherokee, Apache or Georgian or with anyone, they are all worthy transmitters of their cultures equally worthy. And yet I consider him more to encourage his studio for a long time because not only was banned until their use in academic and philological of Basque. Regarding the idea of having a dictionary for people who want to understand it without knowing the language, I also applaud your initiative as I believe strongly that knowledge does not take place and I encourage all concerned to consult the bookstores and libraries or Internet where you can find abundant material on the Basque lexicon.

I assume that when Mr. Vidal refers to languages with a special power of communication such as the Spanish do not exclude others. As a historian, writer and journalist who is, you know that all languages have that power. For example, in Inuktitut (more incorrectly known as Eskimo) has many more terms to the Spanish to describe snow. Does this fact gives more power to Inuktitut of communication? According to a semiotic theory known, therefore no difference in the intellectual processes but cultural experiences are different.

Finally I would like to point out some erroneous statements made at the end of his speech on Euskara. Remember what purpose he founded the Royal Academy of the Spanish language in 1713? Was to set the voices and words of the Castilian language in the most propriety, elegance and purity, which was reflected in the motto Clean, fixes and gives splendor. And gone so far, what is the main task of the current RAE? For neither more nor less than to develop the normative rules of Spanish to ensure a common linguistic standard. The Vidal ister queel monster is described as euskara common linguistic standard. With a few years overdue but we wanted to "cleanse, fix and give splendor" to our language. This work is performed magnificently Euskaltzaindia or Real Academia de la Lengua Vasca since 1919, officially recognized by the SAR since 1976. In the words of the institution monitors or the Basque language Euskera. It carries out research on it, protect it and establishes standards of use philological. It was this body, at the request of certain intellectual sectors, which promoted the unification of the Basque dialects (euskalkiak). Initially, before the Spanish Civil War, was taken as the base and later Gipuzkoa Labourdin Biscayan classic and not as Cesar Vidal says. Between 1964 and 1968 set the first standards for the current unification based on the Gipuzkoa-Navarra. During the following years he has continued working on the standardization process with recognized success. It is true that some sectors of the population, primarily because of age or cultural level, have had difficulty in adapting to the standard language but no more so than in the case of Spanish or another language, if we take the same social parameters. However, in general, this aspect is completely normal. I hope these clarifications may help to deepen the knowledge of the Basque language. Regards, Javier Fernandez sure you hear about the thousands of people became millionaires with. "Com" for years, as this may be your chance. s

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November 19th, 2013 at 8:36 am

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