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Roommate wanted! Seven artists-WG seeks enthusiastic audience seven artists-WG seeks enthusiastic audience for an unforgettable evening in the Chameleon! LOFT is fully furnished with TV, harness, sofa and refrigerator. Breathtaking acrobatics and great entertainment including! From February 23, 2012, the Canadian success company invites the 7 fingers”into her LOFT in the Chameleon theatre and let us participate in their lives together and it looks as expected a little differently by seven high-profile performers: here, a curtain is ever used for graceful aerial acrobatics, and without further ADO, a floor lamp turns into a dance partner. Get ready for humor on many artistic surprise and plenty! Already received many international awards with their inexhaustible ingenuity have the 7 fingers”; “at the biggest festival of contemporary circus, the Festival Mondial you Cirque de Demain” in Paris, she gained equal multiple gold. Their innovative stagings critic applause is safe; “” so celebrated the Canadian newspaper Le Devoir “LOFT show as a gift from the God of the theatre”. Awesome, original, spectacular and a little crazy this WG is also easy to the fall in love! “” The press: one of the most brilliant shows of this decade “Arts de la piste / France a totally watchable, entertaining evening, spiced with a good pinch of intellect – an eye and ear candy funny and complex!” San Francisco Weekly / United States the unorthodox, intelligent, ironic and breathtakingly skilful miracle of the new circus is called the 7 fingers!

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November 17th, 2018 at 8:44 am

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