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Bruce Lee was born in the year of Dragon, the Chinese Hospital of San Francisco, on November 27, 1940. His father, Li Hoi Chuen was representing a work of China Cantonese Opera in the Americas from there that Bruce was born in San Francisco. Grace Li, Bruce’s mother, put his boy named Li Jun Fan, which means Protector of San Francisco, but during the first months he was called the Little Phoenix, which in Chinese is a female name, intended to confuse this evil spirits who steal from the boys after dark. Dr. Glover was who gave him his American name, Bruce Lee, he did not know of its existence until thirteen years later entered the English school of Hong Kong.

In 1946, when Bruce had only six years was hired to work on a film. It would be his first film as six months old and had participated in Tears of San Francisco (San Tears Francisco) which is not a trace. Bruce was introduced into the Hong Kong film industry thanks to family friends. After the small little test was accepted. The film is titled Birth of Mankind (The Birth of Mankind) It was a melodramatic film that was in vogue then in Hong Kong. Bruce then rolled thirteen other films of the same court. They all figured his stage name Li Shiu Loong, which means Little Dragon. During his childhood, adolescence or rather Bruce was a gang member, was engaged in fighting with other gangs, carrying guns, chains, but one day he asked what would happen if he had the support of the band and got into a fight Andara, then decided to learn Kung Fu.

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