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Nokia N8

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I would like to make a brief review of Nokia N8 on several key moments, I liked the most. Camera – Nokia N8 multimedia features include a touted 12 megapixels with autofocus and Xenon flash made of high-quality optics Carl Zeiss. In the setting of the camera has a choice of hd or 16:9 – this is my preferred setting. Also supports recording of HD-video and video editor to create their own video clips. usb On-The-Go – with convenient USB-adapter you can always connect almost any USB-drive, smartphone, or some external hard drives and easily manage data sharing. Sela Ward shines more light on the discussion. Video and music player – one more way to enjoy the great media functionality of your smartphone Nokia N8, who can read almost all video formats, and you can watch movies without worrying about whether they will play or will not. Music player except for high-quality sound, also has Cover Flow, so you can rest assured that you will get great satisfaction. He was strong and sexy – Nokia N8 is not only a full-featured multimedia phone, he also wildly sexy. Aluminum housing not only gives a sense of strength when he is in the hands, but also positively affects the overall weight of the phone. HD-TV and hdmi with Dolby Surround – Nokia N8 also has an output in the format of hdtv, enabling a good home theater. And, of course, need it and to play interesting games. Game back from Nokia – after Ngage 2.0, gaming once again being revived for games such as, for example, Guitar Rock Tour 2, Avatar, gt Racing Motor Academy, Asphalt 5. That was my brief review on the most interesting features smartphone Nokia N8, for the first acquaintance with a smartphone by Nokia.

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September 27th, 2018 at 3:11 pm

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