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Open Championship

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They are – ordinary boys, the heroes of our time. They are all so different in their life flight, and so similar in their desire to be the first to be the best. The crowd, music and – tuk tuk tuk strikes enthusiastic, in a rampage in confusion, in anticipation of the heart. And the wind from the river in the neck and face, a T-shirt do not feel it. They have no time, they need not – they want to win! Flash: the person ("Ooh, pretty girl!"), Asphalt ("Do not fall down to! Well, hold on, guy! "), the sky and tops of the tall plane trees, neatly placed sock, right foot (" Get "managed to keep the balance! maximum control over their bodies"), focused view of the blue, gray, brown, green eye bike (a true friend with whom to you, but he sometimes treacherous falls on its side). It's like the carousel, or how to carry on a tricycle with a slide at a time when all the trees and the people were great, or as I do not know remember whether they are: it all began, how and why they, after so many years, ended up here? They are trying hard and even not so important: who will win.

Indeed, many already clear: they are the best, they are winners. All of them: the organizers, participants, people who made this project feasible. April 21, 2007 – This is the date was chosen for the Ukraine's first Open Championship of Ukraine fletlendu – skating on the bike.

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May 22nd, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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