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The flood of low flow (dry season), occasionally joined the avenues of las vegas of the Vinalopo: Aspe, Novelda, Elda, Petrel, Santa Eulalia, Villena, banners so as the waters that flow of Elx fields, urban drainage in streets and squares and own sewer of sewage of the Elche city responsibility of the riverbed, surveillance, maintenance, safety and environmental conservationIt lies in the Jucar river basin district. However, and although various sources argue that the Administration has taken steps to ensure the channelling, eliminating barriers that for years have caused farmers to the free flow of waters; It seems that it has not prevented the harmful consequences of the Subscriber of thousands of pellets (leads) that come from the field of Shot of the city of Elche and poured and they lie about the vicinity of the riverbed and the margins of the ravine. The proliferation of stray pellets could join trampling waters wild that it would derive from unpredictable storms and they would move millions of particles of lead (pellets or pellets) to neighbouring fields – each cartridge contains over 300 pellets, and only for this global competition expected consumption of hundreds of thousands of cartridges. Especially, when good amount of Elx farmers exploit the flow of the River to irrigate different crops from the field of Palms; they may unconsciously moving lead that drag the waters to the hinterland. As a result, the environment can be affected: reservoirs and cisterns, fields of vegetables, fauna and flora in general. In addition, much of the contaminant material may end up on own coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, through the mouth of the River Vinalopo, in main mouth of Las Salinas de Santa Pola, Alicante.

By Meanwhile, the Club Deportivo de Elche pigeon shooting society’s project would require a compelling investment over its facilities which will prevent collateral damage and a commitment to seriousness which route to use and enjoyment for the benefit of the environmental health of the own ecosystem. Also, sources close to the event brought to the President in authorship extend the template with external, equal or similar to seventy workers temporary staff to cover the service between the 11.00 and 19.00 hours and thereby ensure the intricacies of the competition, without that the informant may provide other alleged contractual conditions Meanwhile, adds the same source, irregular manifest in already-internal payroll, can be seen to be thinned by the Presidential Administration bases quote between 15 and 20%, approx., (data contrasted different payroll and even forms of complaints, whether made by stakeholders), without respect or comply to antiquity or collective agreements.

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July 31st, 2013 at 4:35 am

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