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You might think that people are more concerned about their money. Not so. Everyone counts their money sometime. However, the time, daily, hourly people are concerned. You see them looking at their watches frequently, counting the time consumed and the remaining time. Nobody likes to be without knowing what time of day it is, what day of the week, month and what year is living. Our society worships at the time.

We not only watches of all kinds and appearances. We also have events calendars and make compliance more anniversaries. Running out of time creates more anxiety than do without a penny. Many times we would have more time. Browse back time.

We would like to be with our family or fun or sleep longer, live longer. But this remedy is not only the most valuable, is also the most consumed. Note that we have to invest money rather than just on occasion. The time of course we spent every moment. For everything we need. But that’s not the worst. Using it would be perfectly reasonable. The problem is that abuse it, we threw it away and invest in unproductive things. I do not speak the leisure or fun. They need them to relax and be more productive when we get back to work. Rather talk about how bad sometimes organize our time, our schedules. In the periods when we could do 20 tasks we only end or begin in March. We had a procrastinate. So bad manage the most valuable of our resources. We behave as if we had. But believe me, that feeling is nothing but a deceptive illusion. No one plenty of time and no one knows for sure how far account. This could be your last hour of life, or mine. Just to think we worry about not having more time to spend. However, it is reasonable to invest a little of that resource in thinking about how to best use. Let’s plan, we project our core activities. Prepare for the future and think about tomorrow in advance. In this way we will win a long time that we can use to achieve additional goals and dreams. The day will come when almost no time we have left. Let us try at least to the time we reached satisfaction is good use made of it.

Written by Minna

October 4th, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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