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Benissa, with the port of les Bassetes, 84 berths, and, above all, Calp, real club nautico (264 moorings) and Puerto Blanco (122) also want to get a hollow in nautical tourism. It is clear that Denia is going ahead. The Real Club Nautico de Calpe maintains its prestige and nautical clubs of Denia and Xabia, organizes important regattas and its sailing school awakens passion in young people. However, Puerto Blanco, now managed by Acintur Bay, does not convince users. Without enlargement portbooker.com with a total of 301 a moorings, the Real Club Nautico de Gandia, is the only Marina on the coast of la Safor, which meets the demand of time.

In fact, the crisis has also helped to stay parked the project to upgrade the pontoons. He came to be approved by the port authority of Valencia, on which depends the gandiense port, in 2004, and in regards to moorings was supposed to reach 800. The investment exceeded 12 billion euros. The crisis has also passed Bill to the Marina of Canet den Berenguer where are recorded up to 27 ships and 13 moorings for sale, of the 560 who possesses. Demand continues stable and available berths in rentals are only 3, but according to sources of the entity, would sell it 30% of people who have their boat in Puerto Siles. The prices that you can find to buy a boat are very varied, from 2,500 to the 230,000. The cheapest berth is 8 3 meters and costs 11,000 while the more expensive measures 12 4, 5 and costs 70,000. The marinas of Valencia City (Royal Navy and the Royal Yacht Club) in summer lose boats, since most sets sail towards the ports of Alicante, Castello or islands. Gustavo Benavent, responsible exploitation of the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, said that is in the winter when Valencia is strengthened, now eighty boats are in transit.

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August 12th, 2013 at 6:37 am

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