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Ruben Morales Monroy

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Cesar Chupina was identified with two things: The Popular University of Guatemala and the masterpiece of Alejandro Casona with whose message was formed several generations since he became involved in the invention of Theatre Student: Trees die standing. Ever told the author of this story: “I want to die on your feet … and the trees … on stage … because I’m married to the theater.” And his wish was fulfilled.

A few days after his terrible loss, as the main trainer of theater people in Guatemala, published in Journal Graph clog tribute to him (posthumously, of course) meet those of “coffee to the dead” in an interview today relived. If, when talking about the Master Ruben Morales Monroy, Ana Maria Iriarte (RIP), Rene Molina (next deceased) and Carlos Diaz drank a cup of coffee … Brilliant work Monroy Ruben Morales was born in Chiquimula in 1933, son of Richard Rosalinda Morales Morales Monroy. According to the actor Carlos Diaz chiquimulteco too, came as little from there to the capital that “neither the know, or know who is or was ….” In 1949 she began her theatrical studies at People’s University, directed by Lisandro Manuel Chavez, finished in 1955, the teacher organizes Chavez Jose Marti Theatre Group of the institution, which was disclosed on mission street theater. Not content with what she studied in 1957 he joined the National Theater School of Tessier Doimingo which he graduated in 1959 and part of Mexico to follow the intimate knowledge of the theater, under the instruction of Mrs.

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February 11th, 2011 at 9:40 am

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