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Russia Wedding

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Since early January, to the registrar of St. Petersburg endless queues are brides and grooms. Each pair would like to reserve the best date for the wedding. The most successful are the summer and fall on Fridays and Saturdays, but they are not so much. If we consider that events unfold in the most that neither is the northern capital, where real summer starts in July, ideal for wedding date is even less. In general, demand is outstripping supply. AND because marriage is still desirable, winter wedding also occur. However, no one has complained.

Because of the winter celebration, too, have many advantages. By the way, in Russia, red girls and good fellows just got married in the winter – with Christmas and up to the Carnival. By this time, ended all agricultural work, preparing a dowry, accumulating money for the wedding. Apparently, the wedding budget, even in wealthy families is not a rather big, because tradition obliged to invite for a walk not only close friends and distant relatives, but many friends and neighbors. In our time at the winter wedding, you can easily save money. Prices for rental restaurant, hire a wedding tuple and other services are reduced. Compared with the "high" season can cost less wedding photography, show program, the work of a wedding stylist. You can also count on the discount bridal salons and events for just married wedding agencies in St.

Petersburg. For all that you have a choice, and rather big. Spouses are often concerned about the issue, to arrange a photo shoot in the winter. Of course, the most beautiful places to walk with camera – it's parks, paths, nature reserves. Fortunately, St. Petersburg and the inner suburbs are famous for their palace and park ensemble, against which you can arrange an amazing wedding photo session. All you need to take into account – in the winter early dark, so shooting is better organized in the morning. So make sure that all participants were warmly dressed walk, especially the bride. On the wedding day every girl wants bring something to sacrifice beauty, but let it be no health. As for the venue of the wedding, here, of course, preferable to suburban restaurants, clubs and cottages. As a wedding procession, you can choose sleigh, pulled by horses. Option for those who like something hotter – snowmobile. Yes, and outdoor activities abound. Do you think that visitors will not accept with enthusiasm the idea to fashion out of the snow or the bride and groom cheese cakes ride from the nearest slope? In the end, the triumph of success depends on how well everything is organized. Think about all the little things to most, but rather to invite an experienced assistant to a wedding manager. And then winter wedding in St. Petersburg will certainly turn into a truly fabulous event!

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June 30th, 2017 at 12:18 pm

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