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Sammy Martinez

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It is said that this response is inferred that these men were seeking the path that existed at the time to go to Venezuela. The seven men caught asked if he knew a hidden place to camp, it took them to the head of the large spring, today Mocho River, adjacent to his farm in The Tico. They were found by the hunter Simon Ramirez who then told his companions Villero Reyes Duran and Reyes, who moved to where they were encamped, saying they were not sure of that place, they knew a cave near where they would be in better condition. When Mr. Encarnacion Mejia returned to bring supplies and not find them. Days later, a slave named Higinio was in search of lost cattle and watching the herds of Valledupar priest who was his skipper, the distance saw some vultures hovering over something. a l thought it was a carcass, such was his surprise arrival at the place he found a horrifying spectacle of seven human cadavers and started running the rumors that had been murdered by Mr.

Mejia housed in Finca Los a ticos. The legend tells the story Ceibita Nolasco Pedro Martinez, a famous accordionist pasero, father of the great Sammy Martinez, met by way of Piqueria with the devil as follows told by the doctor Carlos Horacio Gonzalez in his recent book minstrels . Upon completion in El Paso annual feast of St. Mark, the patron of the village, said that Pedro Nolasco went on his donkey with accordion inseparable, evening of 26 April to La Ceibita and, as usual, cheered their way with music, when suddenly these same songs performed with singular skill in hell peopled all the air with their magical sound, beginning a struggle that came and went without any songs is to give up.

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June 3rd, 2011 at 12:46 pm

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