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The pieces on Andrew Carringtons album debut are very personal, deeply felt narratives. Rarely an artist has so close with German texts his soul left his listeners. Chose Carrington german for his songs because he discovered this beautiful and very varied language through his wife. The language of poets and thinkers, he wondered that, as sounds actually if she sings an Australian. He answered to this question itself impressively.

The 14 songs on his debut, adorably charming sound. With his Australian accent, his stories have a touching and yet nimble-footed intensity. Also the new interpretations of German successes such as “to love you” and “At the end of stay tears” from Roland Kaiser, or standalone versions of three Grand Prix successes “Consideration” (Hoffmann & Hoffmann) “Who love lives” (Michelle) “is what a year” (by fellow Australian Johnny Logan as “what BBs another year” led to the success) to prove his love for the German repertoire. The three songs “Paris, London, Rio,” “then you come” (his favorite piece on the album is a love letter to his daughter) and “Sydney is far” clamp the autobiographical form. Andrew Carrington on his album, presented a vocal range which is second to none. It is the combination of high-quality pop, romantic pop and classical crossover coupled with elaborate orchestral arrangements, acoustic guitar and live wings that make this album something exceptional. His versatile and charismatic voice sounds soft and deep in the verses. In the choruses but the tenor – shines without however to digress into the classic compartment.

In some moments, his songs seem delicate and close like at an intimate private concert. Then again, the Orchestra that carries a like a wave can be heard poignant. And getting this contagious lightness and casualness resonates, which is so typical for the Australians. His TV debut as a solo artist has Andrew Carrington on May 8 in Carmen Nebel. Andrew Carrington can hardly wait to go with his album “I live for you” tour, and finally to stand on stage with live band. One can imagine figuratively it, such as the attractive Australian with his charm and his exceptional voice fans excited. The ladies will be his feet, the men will appreciate the great singer and entertainer in him. Source: Warner Music Group Germany more information see: and andrewcarrington/news

Written by Minna

September 11th, 2016 at 7:48 am