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First Clothing

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For longer trips it is desirable to have several interchangeable T-shirts, several pairs of socks (most likely will have the opportunity to erase permanently). In addition, you must have stormy (not wet and not purged), clothing, lightweight quick-drying pants (shorts), fleece (warm) sweater, warm socks, hat (if it is spring, autumn or winter) and a cap. The list of essential clothing depends on the climate area and height, which plans to climb the trip participants. Naturally, for a hike in the area of snow that clothing may be small, but for a hike along the coast in the summer – a lot. Should always be guided by common sense and take into account that, firstly, your belongings and you also have to drag, and, secondly, you will need to change into something if you suddenly get wet to the skin. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach.

Underwear each take, depending on need, but taking into account the fact that in the campaigns can often be washed and some quick-drying items. First aid kit First aid kit is a group and personal. In Group placed drugs for first aid (iodine, bandages, antibiotics, antiallergenty, etc.). In a personal first aid kit each for himself takes medication for his chronic illness (eg, if a person suffers a migraine). In addition, together with a medical kit should be somewhat elastic bandages (in case sprains), rubbing alcohol, and sunblock (in the mountains is especially true). The contents of first aid kits depending on the venue of the campaign if the nearest settlement (pharmacy) is not far away, it can be limited only by the most the necessary preparations.

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