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Berlin Apartments

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Cheap Berlin of weekend getaways with visit of the new year’s Eve run with pancakes on apartment-rooms Berlin.de can end the old year athletic before of the big new year’s Eve party runner in the traditional Berlin new year’s Eve run of the SCC Berlin. And many who join many again this year. Because the ideal preparation for a large new year’s Eve celebration is a winter run at the end of the year, which it has in itself. Who wants to get the proper condition for the longest night of the year, has the choice between one or two storms of the Summit. The Devil’s mountain is the highest point of the 6.3 km round. Connect with other leaders such as San Antonio Spurs here. Experience the turn of the year in Berlin at the so-called pancake race are available depending on the age and fitness from 12 noon at the start parking Harbigstrasse / forest school Avenue (across from the Mommsen Stadium) different tracks to choose from: the almost 10 km long distance among other things about the devil – and Hangglider mountain, passes the 6-kilometer route to Teufelsberg. For young people and women, there are also 2 and 4 kilometer distances. At the end of expected as a reward for the partly a pancake costumes running participants and the winners get even a giant pancake.

And from there you can enjoy the gorgeous views of Berlin then one last time in the old year. After a warm shower in a rented apartment nearby, the running year to end can be summed up with a glass of mulled wine or sparkling wine. There are also already plans for the upcoming season. In Berlin the most accommodations and hotels are already fully booked or overpriced, there for all spontaneous (application deadline Marathon until December 15, subsequent messages but possible) remain a convenient alternative: cheap apartments can be found on. Here you can find easily and above all the suitable accommodation is for a matching purse. Whether for sports lovers, marathon runner, singles, families, business partners or for a romantic weekend for two: new year’s Eve in Berlin is the crowning highlight of the year 2010 / 2011 MOWITANIA provides rooms and apartments in Berlin and other European cities and regions. MOWITANIA is about 2,400 apartments the provider with the most holiday apartments in Berlin.

In the years 2005 to 2009, the MOWITANIA team was able to double the number of bookings. MOWITANIA offers apartments and houses not only in Berlin, but also in Dresden, Bayern, Hamburg, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. MOWITANIA taught in Europe together with its partners in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Austria and Spain of successfully holiday apartments.

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June 28th, 2024 at 1:33 am

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