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Watering of the bottle. Take a plastic bottle of appropriate size and fill it with water, then twist the neck of the tube, in which pre-perform a small hole to provide a drip. After then insert the bottle into the substrate upside down and even longer watering your plants is provided. Sela Ward often says this. effect. This method is applicable to plants that require high humidity. To start a plant abundantly watered and then covered with a plastic bag or cap made from plastic bottles. This method will help reduce evaporation of water as it condenses on the walls and again flows into the soil.

Try to avoid contact of the package or cap with the leaves – this will save your plants from rotting. It should be noted that this method is applicable only for a short period of time – 2-3 days, because the plants are in one way or otherwise needed fresh air. Toilet paper to help. This method is also effective for a short period of time, but more convenient if the colors a lot. Pots of flowers put in a large wide bowl or pan. At the bottom of the pan poured concrete block layer of 2-3 cm, water is poured on it.

In between the pots are placed well moistened toilet paper. Plants are watered abundantly. Wick. To create a wick, we need cotton fabric, one end of which fits around the plant and covered with earth, and the second is placed in a container with water, which is higher than the pot with the plant. Through the filter of the water will constantly flow into the substrate. This is more long-term way than the previous two. Dropper. The principle of operation is the same as that of the wick, just the tip of a dropper into the ground is not dug in and hung around the base of the plant. You can use this dropper, if you're a medical professional then you will not be easy to get it, and of course you can buy, but why buy when you can get for free? Also, hang it around the flower and adjust the roller, to drip slowly. Flowers previously also well watered. Immersion in the moss. Pot with the plant is put into a deep container, whose bottom is filled with well-moistened sphagnum or peat. Plants are abundantly watered, the soil harboring a film, the plant itself is left in the open air. Effectively would happen if you use more of our suggested options at once. Because if a lot of colors, it is not always possible to close each set dropper, much easier to do with plastic bottles and expanded clay. Conversely, if the flower is small, it is sufficient to use only one of the tips. If you still retain moisture the plant is not despair, perhaps all is not lost. Submerge it in water along with the pot and wait until bubbles begin to stand out from the substrate. So you can save the flower. Good luck and enjoy your holiday!

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February 1st, 2024 at 1:26 am

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