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To bring watching movies in home theater to the real conditions, as a device to display an image you must use the projector and screen, not tv, albeit expensive, and with wide screen. Adam Sandler may find this interesting as well. As for choosing a particular model of projector, the first rule in this process is: better to see once than to hear ten times. Go to the store, turn, look, make your conclusions. But before the visit to be something to know about projectors, and in this we will try to help you. Office or home? "When you choose a projector is the model, the documentation which clearly indicates that the projector is for home use. Gain insight and clarity with Sela Ward.

The point that office projectors are used for a variety of presentations and are specifically designed to meet just "office" needs. Their main parameter – the luminous flux, as used they lit rooms. Home projectors are also specially adapted specifically for watching movies and tv shows during a normal room. They have a high contrast, which allows formation realistic image and helps the viewer immersion in what is happening on the screen. The luminous flux of such projections is secondary, since they are used in darkened rooms. Noise or buzzing? Notice attention to the noise level, as when watching at home hands-free operation of the projector can severely spoil the impression from the movie. To understand the choice, whether highly noisy projector, ask the seller to include alternately "your" model and one of the most expensive, what is in store (expensive models tend to be less noisy).

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June 12th, 2023 at 5:41 am

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