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Dressing Rooms

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It features Blanca Portillo when Sergio Parra went into his dressing room to take pictures while he characterized to represent the daughter of air, by Calderon de la Barca, entered him panic. It is a very intimate, sacred time. You’re in transit between yourself and the character you are going to interpret, and it is not easy to do so if there is someone watching you, remember. But the discretion and delicacy with which the photographer did his work, besides the beauty of the images which managed to capture, admired the actress left. Six years later, that portrait of Blanca Portillo, along with the other many actors preparing to go onstage, are exposed on the facades of emblematic of Merida, within the programming of the classical theatre festival which begins this Thursday and which directs the own Portillo. It is a gift that we want to do to the public. Show him that you can never see: the actor Frente al espejo, explains. Source of the news:: the secrets of the dressing rooms, exposed

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February 24th, 2016 at 5:56 am

Tea Party

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Where are the moderate Muslims? Where are the leaders of this great religion who do not share nor theological corruption, nor the objectives nor, much less passion homicidal and suicidal for Al Qaeda? This is the question that began to be discussed intensely after the attacks of the 11-S. Today, ten years later, there is another equally valid question: where are the moderate leaders of the American Republican party? This party has also been captured by an extremist minority that, according to polls, does not represent the ideals, objectives and methods that have historically defined the Republican cause. It is obvious that the extremists in the Tea Party are not murderers and their influence is due to braces that have achieved within the American democratic system. But the reality is that this group of radicals with power – with very different methods and reasons to the of Al Qaeda – a source of international instability. Recently, the leaders of the Tea Party were about to produce a catastrophe in the world economy and able to do so, would end up with any initiative designed to mitigate global warming. And these are just two examples, but there are many more.

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September 18th, 2014 at 12:32 pm

A Counter Of Snacks To Be Aware Of How Much You Eat

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The device, which is put on the wrist like a watch, only requires the user to press a button to turn it on. Its creators, of Clemson University, EE UU, consider it a kind of pedometer applied to food. However, at the moment there is no way of relating snacks and calories. When it comes to control our weight, usually recommend strict controls on what, how much and how we eat. While many try to monitor your appetite, the truth is that before an overflowing platter they know no limit. American researchers have given turns the idea of how to control how much we eat. His solution is a surprising bites, snacks counter. This is a measuring device that will facilitate individuals to control the amount of food they eat so that they become Diners more conscious of what they eat.

The device, which is put on the wrist like a watch, only requires the user to press a button to turn it before eating and then press it after the meal. During that time, the device You will count how many bites have been eaten. An objective method, Professor of psychology, Eric Muth, and Professor of electrical engineering and computing, Adan Hoover, of Clemson University (EE UU) are responsible for this device which works with a movement pattern that identifies when the user has taken a bite of food. As the researchers explain is a species of pedometer applied to food. Its advantage is that it is automatic so that the bias of the user disappears. The device can be used anywhere, both in restaurants and at work, where people have difficulties to perform a manual tracking and remember calories.

Studies have shown that people tend to underestimate what they eat in general, especially because traditional weight loss methods are based on self-observation and information, says Muth. But does not count calories, just snacks however, there is little existing data on how to relate the number of bites with the number of calories or how a device that counts the snacks could be used for weight loss, recognizes the teacher. The device is not based on which contains every bite (i.e. their exact grams or nutrient-specific food), but it simplifies long-term monitoring. For marketing, these counters will be sold as consumer electronics products family such as heart rate, GPS clocks or pedometers devices. Source of the news: A counter for snacks, to be aware of how much we eat

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October 12th, 2013 at 7:14 am