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The Context

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Some people feel the need to lie constantly and many of them despite It is a disease not have been diagnosed it is as such. Watch that this is not the case. If the previous issues have been discarded, red alert! Your partner is hiding something, but not give him ever importance to this isolated event, only if repeated frequently. Because your partner has been able to hide a nonsense on one occasion, but if he hides it continuously something is happening! Does not give specific data I’ve been with a friend, I went to a Park this is usually cause for alarm provided non-regular character of your partner. When we talk to people and tell you what we did do it visually depicting what we’ve done. It is therefore easier to explain what we have done if we give specifics since specific data are those that remind us of what we’ve done and where we have been.

I’ve eaten in the Pans & company, I have gone to the movies with Marta and Laura. If your partner suddenly starts to ignore you specific names and sites alarm! But beware, no te vuelvas paranoid because all you ever We say with a friend etc. But just because it comes, all the tips I give to detect lies have to do with calibration. Everything counts, the context, the situation you don’t paranoid and begin to accuse, all data that you present must give together to have the alarm on your head and especially calibrating it with real life and how is your partner more than usual and out with different excuses if your partner suddenly starts to see you less and tell you that every day is going to a different site this is highly suspicious. People do not start to make friends from one day to another and leaving everything that holds the body.

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March 16th, 2014 at 10:38 am

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Toy Soldiers

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Firstly, it does not tally with the so popular today, the principle of "whatever the cost – all good, and secondly, a desire to" just and right "in general, risks falling under the blow of his saber. To date, and honor the rules just unfashionable limitations. But once there, "Discipline of Steel" accustomed to self-control, self-awareness and self-improvement. Keen, gleaming steel blade is impelled to act and to predict situation so that the next time it would not have stripping. Sober calculation and endurance, holodnokrovie and determination, honor and courage.

"Certainly, fencing – is an art. But we must not forget that it is also an exact science. It does not matter What is your weapon – Warglaive or training, with safety tip: taking it in hand, you have no right to treat your action as the fun. If you took it into his head to play, this is a doll and tin Toy Soldiers. " Skip strike weapon was always meant to get life-threatening problems. This is not a black eye and not even a broken nose. And learning is always a model of military combat, dramatic reality. Fight minds battle intelligences, and heat stress-body breathing.

Try to give serious consideration to the educational battle and easily engage in real battle, not a life and death. Try to learn to control the mind and emotions that would comprehend The main rule of this complex art: the feasibility … "Your goal – bring the enemy out of battle quietly and quickly, with minimal risk on your part.

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November 8th, 2013 at 4:33 am

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