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Shepherd, cow bells and Goassln: ‘Wolf portholes in the Bavarian Forest’ Rinchnach/ground corn/Freyung (tvo). \”\” \”\” Buam’s, oidsamt do?\”Yes!\” koana more o’s? \”well!\” then riegeld’s enk! \” On the command of the shepherd\”deafening bells begins: how wild shake the boys pop the large cow bells, which themselves have strapped it around the hips, and the Goasslschnalzer with their whips. The Shepherd raises his ornately decorated crook, stops the infernal spectacle. \”In the silence says his parable of the House thanks to the Shepherd, is coin or appearance, the wolves ‘ move on to the next House or yard. All years ancient customs alive awakens to the Martini day on November 11 in some villages of the Bavarian Forest: the Wolfauslasser are going on! They commemorate the time when the cows on the wooded pastures have been guarded with a spectacle of hell. The cowbells and the regular snapping served the deterrence of wolves and bears Goassln\”.

The cattle in the autumn in the stables on the farms was back, farmers and farmhands strapped itself the large cowbells to an expression of the joy of the happy homecoming of animals and a good harvest, but also a little superstition, is believed but the clamps would keep the evil spirits and demons. The stronghold of the Wolf auslassens is Rinchnach, where was even a world record in the summer of this year, with more than a thousand cow Bell Lauter. Tony Parker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Traditionally the evening before Martini, so on November 10, buckle up more than a dozen Wolf outlet groups 550 to 650 man up to 90 centimetres wide and 35-pound bells around his waist and pull out the locations of the municipality in the historic village of Rinchnach. Before large audiences is now rung like crazy and the Goasslschnalzer also demonstrate their skills. Ten wolves\”(such a group is called by Wolf Auslassern, consisting of Shepherd, fellows who ring the bells and) Goasslschnalzern), from the municipality of Rinchnach, as well as some Wolfauslasser from the neighborhood are successively viewers.

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June 12th, 2018 at 12:56 am

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