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Germany is located in the Centre of Europe and extends from the Alps in the South to the North Sea in the Norte.Limita with Austria and Switzerland in the South, Poland and the Czech Republic in the East, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands in the West; and Denmark in the North. With some of the largest cities in Europe, Germany, offers a unique experience to all travelers. The South of Germany, is ideal for the outdoor and adventure.Within the border of Germany is a part of the mountain range of the Alps, two of the major rivers of Europe: the Rhine and Danube, and the Black Forest Scenic. In any of the German cities of a relaxing holiday you can enjoy at any time of the year.Its major cities are ideal for buyers.The weekly markets are carried out in all cities and the Christmas markets usually begin in late November. The currency of Germany is the Euro, and visitors from outside of the area of the EU are entitled to a VAT refund on goods No groceries purchased in German stores. The German people are known for their efficiency, and this is reflected right through its transportation system.Its rail system is first class and makes that travel from city to city a real pleasure.Most of the large German cities have a metro with a frequent agile service system. The climate in Germany is different in the East the summers are very hot and the winter months are very cold.In the North the climate is very cool during the summer and winters mild keep.

Autumn is the most popular time to travel to Germany.The majority of German cities to conduct cultural festivals during September and October.If you are traveling to Germany during the month of October, be sure to visit the city of Munich here you can experience the biggest festival of beer in the world and shows some of the best beers produced in Germany. Music festivals are usually held during the summer and autumn months.Festivals special music they are conducted every year for the famous composers.For Beethoven, the festival is normally held in Bonn and in the State of Thuringia, a festival which is held usually by Bach. Winter holidays are very welcome in Bavaria, the biggest of the 16 German States, where you can enjoy a holiday of skiing in the Alps and the black forest. With more than 2000 museums, Germany has a culture rich in art and literature.Eight German have won the Nobel Prize for literature.October also has another great festival in the second week of October, Frankfurt has the book fair the world, which attracts writers and editors from all parts of the world’s largest. So if you are traveling to Germany which has 14 international airports to choose from in case of connecting flights can be the most German cities. Welcome to Travelling2peru.com (Leaders in Peruvian tourism, Machu Picchu and Cusco Tours) International posts, dedicated to all travelers who wish to travel around the world.

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