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This study also concludes that using software specialized in forecasting gives best results spreadsheets, since they are documented, controlled, tested, audited, producing results that can be replicated and are generally designed to solve many of the problems reported in spreadsheets. The proper use of feedback and cooperation mechanisms increase the precision of prognosis; successful solutions are in this area as the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and CPFR (Continues Planning Forecasting Replinishment) these solutions allows users of the supply chain electronically connect and share information in real time, improving the levels of inventory throughout the supply chain. It is not clear why the companies avoid the implementation of proven technologies; What is clear is that those companies that have adopted a process of formal forecast supported by a specialized tool, get better information to make better decisions and achieve a competitive advantage. According to a release from American Air Filter International 2007, this company has increased the level of accuracy in the prognosis going from 60% to 90%, because it now uses a specialized forecast process solution. In conclusion the process of forecasting is too critical, as to run the risk of bear it in a non specialized tool that does not offer the functionality to be able to make the right decisions. Go arribNavegador of series of articles ‘are the spreadsheets the best tool to manage your business? Part 1 related articles: Are the spreadsheets the best tool to manage your business? Part 1 time Series models for qualitative methods demand forecasts. Best as a process of quantitative forecasting input. Freedom Furniture Diagnostico and justification stablished as erodriguez case.’ Log out ‘ Edit this entry..

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