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New writing contest for young authors with their trilogy “The tribute out of panem” has drawn world’s millions of fans captivated the American author Suzanne Collins. Today, the publishing house Friedrich Oetinger, the author Portal launch triboox.de.und the literature Portal LovelyBooks.de “panem writing competition” and young Nachwuchsau gates are calling to submit their short stories to January 8, 2012 on panem.triboox.de. The heroine Katniss is Suzanne Collins’ novels like – who faced the question of what kind of love can there be if fear all feelings repressed and so is the topic of the writing contest “Love in time of fear”. The stories are aimed at teenagers and adults. Three jury awards and an audience prize will be awarded.

The jury consists of Elke Thar (triboox revision), Anja Rohwer (Oetinger online editorial), Karla Paul (LovelyBooks.de) and Anna Mohrmann (triboox marketing). From January 9th readers will vote then online on panem.triboox.de about what story the most liked them. Among all users, up 31. January 2012 relinquish their voting, 3 book packages of Oetinger publishing group in the value of 50 euro will be raffled. From the top 10 of the Leservotings the jury the three best Wettbewerbsbei slow selects.

The 1st prize is a NetBook from Toshiba, as well as a feedback of the OE tinger editorial on the short story. 2nd prize is a Sony E-book rea-the award. 3. price includes a book package of Oetinger publishing group worth 150 euros. The audience prize, an Amazon voucher for 100, goes to the post, was elected at the end of the voting period on 1st. The stories of the 4 winners will be published by triboox in an anthology. “This is a great incentive for all young authors and authors and we hope for a large number of participants. Our goal is to offer it, providing them a platform with triboox young car-ren, spread a public personality to present their texts and that gives them the chance to win fans and readers.” Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke, Managing Director triboox ‘the hunger games fans are very creative. To know more about this subject visit Jorge Perez. With our video and Zei-Chen competition apply on the microsite dietributevonpanem.de were amazing monthly contributions. Therefore, we look forward Kurzge layers now especially on that and are very excited about the Leservotings in January. “So the latency can be ver but well up to the theatrical release on March 22, 2012-cut.” Till width village, Managing Director Verlag Friedrich Oetinger “the hunger games trilogy belongs to the most popular children’s book series at LovelyBooks.de, so we are pleased very at this exciting and Schreibbegeiste-rung on the most linked Akti on it to – be a competition, the read. We look forward to the certainly number rich posts.” Karla Paul, Editorial Director & Social Media Manager LovelyBooks.de detailed terms and conditions assessment of manuscripts the jury

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November 29th, 2018 at 5:18 pm

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