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About Club Penguin

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Club Penguin is a MMOG (stands for Massively multiplayer online game, translated as massively multiplayer game online) most popular worldwide and undoubtedly the first choice of all children. Originally developed by Club Penguin Entertainment (company whose real name is New Horizons Interactive), and then acquired by the giant The Walt Disney Company for $ 350 million. Imagine the value which has to be this game today, so Disney purchased it at the time. Club Penguin now has more than 12 million users around the world, most of them children. The game consists of adopting one of different and funny penguins colors available. Each of these has a distinct personality, and with them will be various activities and games within the virtual environment of the game, in addition to interacting with other players. Club Penguin is also very popular for its safe environment for children, with quite a few methods of protection and conservation of good behavior. The developers thought of Club Penguin originally as a place where their children could enjoy safely and without risks of other virtual environments. If they want to be the envy of your friends, I recommend you watch these club penguin tricks.

Written by Minna

May 18th, 2013 at 12:33 pm