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While the price of crude oil moved today only slightly, investors wait anxiously on the latest US inventory figures. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The price of crude oil on the New York and London stock exchanges has stirred a total little today until the afternoon. With slight fluctuations, prices moving sideways. At the time, the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) $75,50, about three dollars were more due to North Sea oil (Brent). This morning, crude oil prices had made a leap over the previous day close values, which is due to the change of the front month from October to November. This changes nothing on the overall move sideways.

New impetus could come today by the U.S. Department of energy DOE, which released its inventory data. Yesterday the American Petroleum Institute had announced once more gains, but investors classify the DOE numbers as relevant. Still, it should be noted that economic and oil demand in the United States are weak, that even occasional change Price breakouts upwards nothing. According to experts, there are financial investors who make sure that the current price level still has stock.

The relatively strong euro makes it possible that local heating oil consumers today came to enjoy significant discounts. According to survey by fuel level and oil Rundschau game of a 3,000 litre supply of heating oil EL, the 100-litre today cost 68,04 euro. These are 51 cents less than yesterday. Comparison: at the date of the previous year, an amount of EUR 54,99 was due for the 100-liter batch. On September 22, 2008, it cost 84.11 euros. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

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December 16th, 2016 at 4:34 am

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