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Particularly distinctive feature that I can learn Rastaman is a hairstyle. Their hairstyle consists of a set in a special braided dreadlocks, which symbolize proximity to the higher powers and to the universe. Reggae music is different as some similarities in motifs and distinctive features that are in each of the tracks. By and large, each of them represents a separate fragment of a large integer, called the motion rastomanov. Music originated in Jamaica, where life flows slowly and each day is not much different from the previous one. All of these vital nuances embodied in music. She slowly, but at the same time, it is sufficient energy and life, so reggae music does not seem sad. Reggie has been in existence for over 40 years, but nevertheless the general direction and general style of music have not changed.

In music added some new tools and texts have become more sophisticated, but nevertheless all the music remained the same light and unassuming as it was originally. In practice rastafarianstva marijuana used as a sacrament, people believe that it pulls people closer to God. Therefore, hashish (which in Jamaican slang called 'Ganja') has a marked effect on the lyrics of reggae. Unfortunately, over the past few decades of American teenagers have perverted this sacred ritual, and use it only as an excuse for smoking marijuana. However, not all of the lyrics of reggae contains links to Ganja, just as not all reggae musicians – Rastafarians. Hemp has always played an important role in the healing and mystical rituals of ancient Africa and was probably well known to the slaves, the workers on the plantations of the West Indies.

However, anthropologists have argued that marijuana has not been extended to Jamaica until 1838 until there has not been abolished slavery, and yet it did not bring contract workers from the Indian subcontinent who arrived to fill the subsequent labor shortages. Jamaican word herb cannabis, 'ganja', is a word from Hindi, meaning 'sweet smell. " This word has one more option values – 'noisy', which is well suited to describing the specifics reggae. The deep rhythmic bass reggae, coupled with the effect of smoking a large amount of ganja, which lies in the ability of this herb to increase the tonal response and distort the perception of time, was widely used in primitive recording studios, where they played music reggae. In the Jamaican music industry, even a tradition to fill the reverse side plates instrumental versions of songs presented on side A, and paint their creative influence of hashish. And such directors record as Lee Perry and more specifically began to turn all the buttons in a row, achieving distortion, reducing it to a soprano or picking up the bass, cutting the vocal track and adding a lot of reverb. No other music does not create more such "Stoned" ways.

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June 26th, 2016 at 4:57 pm

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