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An amphitheatre is a place of recreation and cultural recreation. Executed in gabion wall is configured as an atrium to concentrate journeys both cross-sectional and longitudinal, given the adaptability of the gabions. Along the Gorge, on the slope, has developed a channel drain with a section of 1.8 m, which crosses the stage and leads the waters of surface runoff by rain, up the staircase of the Gorge, a quick in gabion which leads to the River. Based on this concept of gabions in the environment, has a flexible work that accompanies the movements of the natural terrain. The gabion wall is maintained without breaking and molds to the deformations imposed by clayey land. This is the great advantage, we think that if we had not used gabions and used concrete or masonry, is hoped that there we see, tiered deformed exaggeratedly, split, cracked concrete. The classroom of this theatre or Cenotaph is a gently stepped brick Esplanade, which is located on the inside of the slope, its main trait given by a RIP in the floor, drawn by the course of the water that comes down. A central scenario at a level below the stepped of gabions, is divided by the canal to the foot of the gabion wall.

The water channel is protected on its two sides by two rows of gabions, this gabion wall contains volumes of ball stone, a stone filling of reboleo within the wire mesh that constitutes the gabions. At the end of the Amphitheater there is a narrow sector, entrance to the natural environment constituted by native forest. Hydraulic control of the slope based on gabion geological condition of the land, very clayey, hydraulic control of the slope where the wall mounted phased gabion, is based on the consolidation of the surface, avoiding this is eroded and furthermore constitutes that you drain the internal water from groundwater. At the bottom of the Gorge a channel collects the water edges and the total of the works and in the highest part, an interceptor drain contributes to keep the area as dry possible. The conformation of the gabions than if same they leave many interstices and the placement of a draining geomanta filters only the water prevents the wall gabion runs out of base due to migration of soil between the stones of the gabions. So the slope is drained and everything stays in place, sustained by the gabion wall, without having soil erosion. The amphitheatre and the wall gabion in linear dimension the Amphitheater presents building a concentric size, based on the relationship of equidistancias between center stage and spectators, gives a spatial, concentric and situation sustained by the gabion wall, which gives a greater height and projected it onto the hillside. In the Park of your people have Amphitheater? you’ve seen some Amphitheatre of this type? you saw some Amphitheater with problems, quedraduras and warping?

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October 30th, 2018 at 6:26 am

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