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“Human rights are and remain a fundamental social issue and never neglected or forgotten.” Human rights do not fall from the sky.”justify ANA & ANDA the importance of the issue for them. “We believe in the creative potential of every human being,” that is one of the premises in theatre work by ANA & ANDA. “For us, creativity means an indispensable elixir of life.” Objective of the theater concept is the children and young people to encourage that they write their theatre piece itself, create roles themselves, then studying the piece, to finally perform it on a public stage. That all of this is possible, requires energetic and expert assistance of ANA & ANDA. If there is time and financially possible, we preferred during school year, work because then the children “have the maximum time to develop in their role and develop”. Quickly becomes clear that another premise of the Artists in it is, no texts the children learn by heart.

Instead of laboriously given texts to repetitieren, the participating improvise themselves every time through your piece through. “So space is again and again for new and spontaneous ideas, the play and the children’s play is not static it lives.” It so happens that in addition to the hours in the schools even some time in the sewing of costumes and the crafting of props invest ANA & ANDA. Also let them know that every hour must be well prepared and well prepared. “Before every hour we talk about what we want to look in the theatre an hour, which is the next step for the children, how we want to improve next. Additional information is available at Related Group. After each lesson, we talk about what the kids this time carefully made us and we also discuss what was not so perfect.” With lots of time and lots of patience, an auffuhrbares play is created in the course of the school year and the children enjoy a performance in a real theater. “For the children, it’s a real experience, not to occur in the school auditorium or a classroom in the school, but on a real stage, in public”.

The performances take place accessible to the public in Karlsruhe on various theater venues. ANA & ANDA repeatedly emphasize that there is no notes and no reviews for her theatrical work for the participants. “Ratings have the children in their school day already be plentiful. It contradicts the spirit of the art to give marks for artistic activities. Theatre is not a sporting contest, rather is about cultivation of artistic potential, what counts here is the originality. Also theatre games should be just fun and raise any fears.” This fun it is finally also the great artistic potential of children apparent promotes. That becomes clear at the latest when you visit a rehearsal, and even more during the performance itself. Here children learn something that goes far beyond their other school: confidence in their own creative potential and the uniqueness of the individual. More about “incomparable! Cultural school projects “by ANA & ANDA contact: ANA & ANDA Anita Lohr and Andrea Reichert GbR Gellertstr. 7 76185 Karlsruhe Tel. 0721 830 61 29 and 384 16 84”

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November 25th, 2018 at 12:18 am

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