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Anniversary Party

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The party followed glad. Seated in a comfortable armchair in the main table of the hall, being served before all the guests, Dalva Owner it was the star of the day: it was its anniversary and it completed 80 years! She was well satisfied in seeing that the family grows and was congregated to commemorate! To its side the son was seated oldest, Francisca. As she suffered this woman! It was the right arm of Dalva Owner, since whom she abandons it to the husband with the nine children. In that occasion, still novinha, Francisca started to work as house servant in the house of an appeals court judge. All final of month, it delivered the wage that received the mother, to help in the expenditures. It had luck: when the appeals court judge moved of judicial district, arranged for Francisca a position in the warehouse of a public distribution. Alcoholic was married a fret, finished creating alone the three children who had and only has little more than two years obtained to divorce itself the husband.

Finally, Dalva Owner could feel that its son was having a calm life. More ahead, talking animadamente with the husband of its older granddaughter, he was its son Joo. Also it worked very in the life. It started as mason maid and today he was master of workmanships, known and looked for in the region. She was married for the second time and its youngest son attended a course mathematics in the university. A university granddaughter! This fulled Dalva Owner of pride! – Dalvinha Owner! Me of the one kiss, gostosa! Dalva owner sketched a smile for the son Jorge, delayed and joking as always. It worked sufficiently, but some did not obtain to join money. It always liveed of rent, changing itself of a place for another one of the city.

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January 15th, 2018 at 5:27 pm

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