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Becoming Joe

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So it was. At least the first few years … "What happened with my love?" Joe was in a hurry. His concerts enjoyed tremendous success. For several years he became a singer number one in France, the triumph was made in Olympia – the best concert hall of the country.

All his strength, he devoted his beloved work hours rehearsing and recording. Devoted wife was nearby. Perhaps this is what killed them "perfect" marriage. Every man wants to conquer and subdue, and dreams of the reach of the forbidden. And here is a thing in a woman's ability to remain as husband thrilling and inscrutable, like at the beginning of marriage. Becoming Joe for all Maryse had forgotten about this little woman's secret.

Things reached the point that the singer is increasingly preferred to relax in solitude. … So it was at this time. Joe returned to Paris after a holiday in Greece. In the cabin he saw a slim blonde girl in tears. She wore dark glasses. Why is she crying? What happened? At first, Joe was just intrigued. He wanted to talk with a mysterious stranger and began to ask her stupid questions, and try to joke her laugh. The beautiful blonde, whose name was Christine, a little bit, "thawed". She recently experienced a love drama and was in despair. As you know, the best remedy for unrequited love – new love. The girl touched the attention of the famous singer. He set in motion all his charm …

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January 10th, 2018 at 11:04 pm

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