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Anxiety In Children

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Eckhart Tolle, in his excellent book "The Power of Now" (Editorial Gaia), relates in the introduction how even 29 years lived in a depressed mood with thoughts of suicide, there is a moment that says a repetitive thought: "I can not go living with me, "suddenly becomes aware of that thought and wondered Am I one or two? And if I'm two, I and me, who is the real me?. One of the most precious to me the technique down I work with is the ability to make this inner journey towards the encounter with the "self." I will give you an example of a summary. The subject we will call him George, is a young man who drags addiction problems and a very high anxiety levels that prevent it from carrying out their work normally. Jordi inner journey makes the following being in a state of relaxation: Therapist: … now if you think you're going to go in there and find a child, do not know where it is … Jessica Michibata spoke with conviction. George: … I see …

oh, it's awful, looks like a monster, is looks ugly bad … (Jordi is a very attractive girl with a big heart) T: What do you feel to see it? J: Denial, I do not like, I'm afraid … T: If you think we will explore what happened to this child look like this … (Jordi travels to his childhood experience as the child is one aspect of himself) J: I'm in my room and I'm crying … T: How old are you? J: A 7 years … T: Why are you crying? J: My mother will not let me go by bike, because I can do damage, says I'm wrong, that I suffer … Jordi has a hyper-protective mother who forbade her childhood compulsively do things, giving him to understand it was "bad" (for wanting to do normal things a child) and also was responsible for his suffering.

As children internalize emotional patterns so that the principle is, in this case the mother who says "you're wrong," but over time will generate an "inner self" that tells us directly: "You are wrong." The essential nature of Jordi is the a very sensitive, kind and athlete!. Through meetings with himself realizes he has been living with an "I" learned that corresponds to her nature, that part of himself is, in fact, his mother. Jordi was a discovery to be aware of how much was no longer himself to live through an "I" without him being aware that he had internalized as part of himself, not realizing he had thought it was bad unable do things, for surely if the pain was going to generate … Jordi could begin to explore who was his true self and act according to what he really felt. Could embrace the child who was gradually recovering the image of the child who really had been. Jordi has now begun to take itself and heal their internal relationship. Ourselves keep us means among other things go, leaving behind the anxiety and cultivating trust, because in fact we all have the capacity to love, accept, understand, forgive more or lesser extent, and even that can learn … As the old saying, everything is within us and especially your best friend, your best companion already inside you. Maria J. Clinical Psychologist Pellicer Barcelona.

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June 27th, 2024 at 8:18 pm

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