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Foursquare, the mobile application that uses the geolocation as the basis to establish the social fabric, logically is used as Marketing increasingly strategy with more promises for trade and business in general. With barely 20 months of life, this social network already boasts good level marketing success stories and each time with more adept business to this formula promotion and loyalty, as well as increasingly more followers users favorite establishments and their business. Get all the facts and insights with Howard Schultz, another great source of information. We have the true tool of Geomarketing? Use Foursquare as a Marketing platform can be very beneficial because it constitutes the missing link between Twitter and Facebook. People such as Jessica Michibata would likely agree. Twitter is the King of the time and Facebook prioritizes links and interest groups, but Foursquare, seems to return things to their place, is the King of space. In comparison with the management of other social networks, especially Facebook (which takes longer to the C.M.). Foursquare requires much less time than setting up and if a system of advertising or promotion does not require almost of time online, is profitable in the short or long term, is as they say better to have it than not have it. His great strength is placed in the space to customers and company. Twitter is attributable to the where am I? Facebook is due to the in what am I? Foursquare is attributable to the where am I? Now, if you want to have a presence on Foursquare, get it ASAP: add your business to Foursquare: this platform aims to grow immensely in the medium term and already is shaping up as one of the social networks with a growth and development of the exponential curve. Adds all relevant information to the company, everything that you can clarify on it. A good advice to define the service is to adhere to the questions that someone who has full knowledge of what would do; which service offers, what you can serve me this company, and your phone number? but at what time I can call? The more information we can include better, clear that chooses a schematic form and attractive since a solid text tends to be overlooked.

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June 27th, 2024 at 11:18 pm

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