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A few good reasons for a Norway trip and why you are not ill from the ‘Norway virus’… Why Norway? Why not even spend the holiday in Norway? The land in the North of Europe offers much more than the supposedly bad weather and the fabled many mosquitoes. Rather the vacationers will find pure also a variety of different recreational activities and breathtaking landscapes and nature in addition to rest and relaxation. The travel itself is probably no more specificity in the 21st century this is true at least for the majority of the population of the Federal Republic of Germany. Regardless, the fascination of travel, including the willingness to spend a lot of money for it, where appropriate, is undiminished.

Understandable! Because who wants to spend his annual leave voluntarily there, where it occupies the rest of the year and struggles with the small and large concerns of life. To make worry or stress behind, Norway is one of the most ideal destinations at all. Up here in the North of Europe there are more to discover than the supposedly bad weather and many mosquitoes. Already the journey is full of experiences, with some lasting impressions. But also sufficient to control Norway air possibilities, however, the drive is a special experience. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. Right at the beginning is crossing the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

Which ferry you choose, depends quite by the goal of the trip. On the ferries, lacks the passenger usually nothing. There are plenty of ways to eating, drinking, shopping, etc. On the longer distances is provided for entertainment and booking a cabin that is mandatory. What all these routes have in common is the cruise flair and the great sea air. After translating and the leaving of the modern port cities you can dive suddenly, paradise into a world of nature with lakes and forests, romantic rivers, roaring waterfalls, glacier-covered mountains, seemingly deserted villages and picturesque fjords and endless expanse. And so slowly, you get a little taste of what happen during the holiday. In addition to relaxing tranquillity and relaxation, Norway offers a considerable variety of recreational activities. The range of fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking, climbing, rafting, whale watching to horseback riding or golfing. Also visit one of the famous stave churches or a day trip to one of the major Norwegian cities are of course worth. Norway has a near-perfect tourist infrastructure with sufficient hotels, various camping sites, cottages, tourist offices etc and well constructed roads and an also good public transportation network. In short, perfect for travellers. But before any holiday planning in advance should not to be neglected, otherwise there is a danger that runs the holiday not as desired in Norway. The Internet offers opportunities to learn about Norway. Finally it can’t hurt to know something about the country and its people, the General prices in the supermarket to know or take even before the journey the best fishing grounds. By the way: Most people who traveled to Norway, came again. They were infected with the so-called Norway virus”. You no longer will get rid of them, but they remain pain-free and is fit as a fiddle. Michael muster (September, 2010)

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September 6th, 2018 at 1:02 am

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