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Japanese Hokkaido

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During the implementation of a new international project that runs under evroprogrammy 'Life' will be to develop models of ecological situation in Kaliningrad. And it takes first place in Russia in the number of cars per capita. As a result of environmental monitoring carried out by ecologists for more than 80% of air pollution in urban areas are automobile exhaust fumes. But the Moscow authorities have gone further, and perhaps in the near future to ban the construction of the gas station, on which there is no alternative fuel refueling. Movie actress may help you with your research. The city will buy the vehicles, the appropriate standards of 'Euro-3', and lower the cost of gas and dimethyl ether.

Part of city fleet Moscow will transfer to an alternative fuel in order to set an example to private owners, car owners. All these measures are stated in the document developed by the Department of Transport and Communications of Moscow – the concept of reducing vehicle emissions. There is also a draft resolution of the city government's' On the extension of the use of dimethyl ether and other alternative fuels. " The new fuel will have to gradually supplant gasoline and diesel fuel to gas stations in Moscow. At the same time, the cars on hydrogen fuel tested for resistance to frost, which is important for our climate.

Since the Japanese Hokkaido from February 19 to 23 were tested for stability of the hydrogen car Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE. This car is an analogue of commercial models of this brand, sold in Japan. Our salvation may have ability to opt out of nuclear energy as well as the oil in the near future. Salvation may be in the advanced technologies derived from the representatives of … extraterrestrial civilizations. A former Canadian defense minister, 83-year-old Paul Hellyer (Paul Hellyer) is convinced that aliens have visited Earth. According to him, to have 'hard evidence collected by the UFO. " He says that extraterrestrials have an alternative to fossil fuels and by some systems, allowing travel through trillions of miles away, and got hold of earthlings information about these technologies, but the power to hide. 'We have to convince the government to tell frankly all they know, – the Ex-minister newspaper Ottawa Citizen. – Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and this knowledge may be enough to save our planet if applied quickly to '. I must say that the Canadians to the eccentricities Hellyera not stranger: in 1967 he officially opened the 'spaceport for UFOs "in Alberta, and September 25, 2005 Policy, speaking at a symposium in Toronto, has announced that he saw a UFO one night with my own eyes. Ever since the former minister in every way supports the theory of the existence of 'little green men. " What do you think there is life on other planets?

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September 7th, 2018 at 1:11 am

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