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When the term of service of the car to the service station dealer is coming to an end, the car owner to independently monitor tehsostoyaniem his "iron horse". Should be changed regularly and the engine transmission oil; air, oil, fuel, cabin filters, do not forget (especially in anticipation of the upcoming cold weather) on the so-called technical fluids – antifreeze, brake, washer for windows and headlights. That's about antifreeze and will speech. There are four main types of antifreeze: Salt. It is well known, why not freeze the sea because salt in it. The basis of the salt antifiriza are organic acids. If the water contains about 23% of salt, then This solution will not freeze if the temperature is – 21 C if the water 30% SCl2, it will not freeze at – 55 C, but if it 20% MgCl2, then – 33 C.

It seems – is the ideal tool for motorists. But there is corrosion – the radiator needs to be done for the gold Safe neighborhood with salt. When boiling a liquid salt remains on the walls. Glycol. An important property of this type of antifreeze is the ability to reduce the degree of freezing water compositions. For different ratios of water – Ethylene glycol is obtained from the fluid freezing point from 1 to 65 degrees below zero.

Such solutions do not expand upon freezing, they form a pasty mass. Alcohol. Any alcohol freezes only at low temperature, but not alcohol can lower the temperature of water solutions. Diluted alcohol has a higher temperature than 100% – d. Alcohols – flammable liquids. And put them in the cooling system the car is extremely dangerous. Glycerin. Composition with a low threshold of freezing can be derived by using glycerin – that is triatomic alcohol. Ratio of glycerol and water 35:65 will result in more than minus 40. Glycerin has a high viscosity fluid in minus, and consumption will more than glycol. Of antifreeze car owner often thinks before the winter months. The following information will not be superfluous: Choosing antifreeze should take into account the recommendations Automakers (type of fluid must meet the motor); Special attention should be paid to the quality control of anti-freeze (the sticker with a long list of different tolerances should alert – this is often err forgery); It is undesirable to mix different classes of antifreeze (chemical composition of additives used by manufacturers may be different); For the topping is suitable distilled water or basic antifreeze (coolant it is always better to buy a stock); After topping the freezing point of distilled water coolant can change (the temperature is checked with special instruments and a hydrometer); Delayed replacement of antifreeze threatens damage to the cylinder head and other parts of the engine (high temperatures catalyze chemical reactions that reduce the effectiveness of additives); Domestic antifreeze should be changed at least 2 years, imported anti-freeze, for the type of engine will last longer than conventional 2 years;

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December 18th, 2011 at 1:33 am

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